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How to Increase Positive Energy in Your Life, and Make it Last


It happens to all of us. We feel doubtful, lethargic, sad, or otherwise down at times. You might distract yourself for a while with entertainment, social calls, busy work, or food, only to have your challenges bring you down again.


Yet, some people seem to move through life with grace and optimism, even through difficult times. What’s their secret?


Chances are, they practice being grateful throughout their lives. 


“Gratitude opens your eyes to the limitless potential of the universe, while dissatisfaction closes your eyes to it.”—Stephen Richards


You’ve heard that practicing yoga and meditation are very helpful in maintaining a healthy life. A practice of gratitude is similar. But unlike yoga or meditation:


  • It’s not a formal set of learned techniques.
  • You already do some; you just need a stronger habit.
  • Practicing gratitude doesn’t require setting large blocks of time aside.
  • After you’ve taken the initial steps to refocus your thinking,
  • You can simply incorporate a gratitude practice into your day,
  • And continue for the rest of your life.

You Can Take Command of Your Emotional Path


One of the things that surprises people that have tried it, is how easily they can steer themselves into a better outlook, just by getting into the habit of focusing on gratitude.


This is true even when we have unusually difficult circumstances and feel unusually low or stuck with a situation.


  • Are you feeling anxious or impatient with where you are in life?
  • Do you find that you’re having negative self-talk, or compare yourself negatively to others?
  • Are you finding reasons to blame others?


If you’re tired of feeling low during difficult times, you can empower yourself by adopting some simple habits that can help you shift into better thoughts and just generally feel better. There’s no time like The Now to put an end to it and move forward.


Power and Proof of Simple, Regular Habits


People often underestimate the power of simple new habits. Whether you’re facing current difficulties or not, a practice of gratitude is like a secret weapon.


Neuroscience research at top universities like UCLA and Stanford confirm that a practice of gratitude has measurable positive effects on the areas of the brain and physiology that affect mood.


Whether you’re looking for tools to maintain positive energy and enjoy a lasting flow with life without getting easily derailed, or you need an immediate boost to lift you out of a funk, you can learn to:


  • Steer yourself away from negative feelings or thoughts, and instead;
  • Nurture a path of positive energy and positive outlook.

To Do is to Empower


But just thinking and making a decision to do something differently doesn’t usually work to create that change. Practicing it and experiencing it does.


So here’s an opportunity to take charge, get a little help, and start nurturing simple and powerful new habits, right now.


And best of all, when these actions become regular habits, they can set you up to keep making that shift into the future. When you make gratitude a regular practice, you’ll not only feel good, but you can open the door to more positive outcomes in your life.


A 14-Day Challenge Designed to Help


In this challenge, you’ll get a new prompt and exercise every day for fourteen days, to set you on your path in as little as ten minutes a day. And you’ll have lifetime access to this challenge, to review it as often as you like.


Don’t have fourteen days in a row to do this? That’s OK. You can start now and go at your own pace. The challenge is paced into fourteen days so that you have time to absorb one lesson a day, but if you need to stop and then start again later, you’ll still have access.


Start this challenge today, or even gift it to someone that could use a caring boost.


  1. Learn fun, easy ways to practice gratitude now and forever
  2. Empower yourself to feel better
  3. Feel better energy instantly
  4. Help to dissolve recurring negative feelings
  5. Help with long-term attitudes and challenges
  6. Learn to maintain and attract positive energy



How the challenge works:


  1. 14 days of micro-actions for you to practice; one each day
  2. Simple actions in as little as ten minutes a day
  3. Audio guidance and written guidance provided (use one or both)
  4. Downloadable PDF worksheets
  5. Start anytime
  6. Lifetime access; review or catch up at your pace


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Gratitude and Appreciation

14-Day Challenge


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Start Attracting Positivity Today!

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